Property Development and Management

Creating Lively Communities Not Just Buildings

Property Development and Management

BBA Management, Inc. has been working with investors and developers to create beautiful livable buildings with a focus on maximizing the returns on their investments. Our portfolio includes apartment buildings, multi-family homes and condominiums in the Boston area. We help and advise developers through the various stages of identifying, acquiring and constructing investments that have become the hallmark of successful investment throughout the Greater Boston area.

Extending the Support that Developers Need and Trust

Providing management and development services to hundreds of developers and private investors for the last 17 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Boston real estate market. This makes us the best choice for not only institutional developers and private investors but also for many individual property owners who desire to invest in rental property.

Developing successful properties in the Greater Boston area requires detailed planning, strategic design and a thorough knowledge of the laws regulating real estate development. A successful rental investment would also require complete and updated information about the amenities, services and features that today’s residents look for. Leaning on our experience, we can provide you deep and unique insights into all important aspects of property development and the local real estate market in Boston.

Teamwork Strengthens and Nurtures the Process

BBA Management, Inc. understands that nothing can be created alone.  A successful building requires the combined efforts of the architects, designers, engineers, marketers and the developing team to achieve its full potential as home to a lively and satisfied community. Our team will work in close consultation with all your partners to ensure no stone is left unturned in the success of your investment.

Inquire About Our Services

The BBA Mangement, Inc. team will provide extensive and reliable consulting services to youyou’re your partners through each stage of the development. Some of these services include:

Managing the Property

At the opening of your apartment building, multi-family rental home or condominium, BBA Management, Inc. moves into the management stage of its services. Our services for at this stage include, but are not limited to: