Leasing Your Property

Leasing Management

BBA Management takes care of you and your requirements through every step of the leasing process. Here is a brief over view of how we protect your interests and make sure you receive the best management services in Greater Boston

Marketing Your Property

Marketing is an important part of finding tenants for your rental. By crafting a strategic marketing strategy, BBA Management utilizes every available avenue for attracting and finding good tenants. Some of our services include:

  • Property review
  • Guidance about preparing your rental for tenants
  • Fully customized marketing plan created in consultation with owner
  • MLS and YGL listing
  • Advertisements across various channels like print, social media and websites

Showing Your Property

All BBA Management agents live in the Greater Boston which makes them knowledgeable about locations and cultures. When you choose to use BBA Management to lease your rental, our agents meet with potential tenants and arrange showings of your property. This is done with complete consideration for any tenants who might still be living in the property. Our agents coordinate with both applicants and current tenants to ensure that neither of them are inconvenienced.

Tenant Screening

BBA Management ensures that we find tenants who are reliable and responsible through a detailed screening process. This involves:

  • All applicants must fill in a detailed rental application that is designed to collect all the necessary information to pick out any warning signs of a problem tenant
  • Background checks of all applicants to judge their financial capability
  • Follow-up on all information provided by applicants to ensure it is accurate
  • Collection of all legal documents and fees
  • Ensuring that all Massachusetts and federal laws are complied with

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After Applicant Approval

If an applicant clears our detailed tenant screening process, we guide them and the owner of the rental property through the steps of signing a lease. Some of these responsibilities include:


BBA Management assigns a dedicated team to the management of every property we manage. In addition to the responsibilities of managing your tenants, property owners and their tenants will receive complete customer support and assistance from our staff. Some of our services are:

End of Lease Term

Once a lease expires or is terminated by either party, BBA Management performs the necessary responsibilities of making sure there are no pending payments or problems with the leaving tenants. We also help you prepare your property for the next tenants and guide you through the process. Some of our services are:

Once your previous tenants have moved out and the property is ready, we put your rental back on the market to find new tenants.