About BBA

Property Management Solutions Created Just For You!

Founded in 1997, BBA Management has progressed from a small group of dedicated real estate professionals to become Greater Boston’s most trusted full-service property management company. Our portfolio of properties includes single family homes, apartments and condos to large multi-family properties and condo associations. Each of our managed properties receives the undivided attention and full support of our personnel.

We don’t just manage properties; we nurture and expand your investments to maximize your profits.

Investment property owners, condo association members and residents have always benefited from our meticulously crafted merger of planning, strategy and simple human thoughtfulness. At BBA Management, we understand the value that a solid and experienced property management company can bring to your property.

Specializing in rental income property management

Our property management solutions are created keeping a two-pronged approach in mind: enhancing the value of your property and keeping you and your tenants happy.

Enhancing the value of a property to make sure you receive the maximum returns

A well-managed and maintained property translates into happy residents and satisfied owners. This is why an important part of our work revolves around maintenance, enhancing curb appeal, cleanliness and making sure the condition of the property is good as new.

Ensuring the needs of your residents and tenants are met promptly and efficiently

A happy tenant is a long-term customer and can actually help to enrich and add to the value of your property. In keeping with our goal to help your investment succeed, our staff is trained to handle all kinds of situations and problems in an efficient manner.

Our services are customized to each client and we make sure each property and all the people related to it are provided with excellent and knowledgeable customer service.

BBA Management offers 17 years of experience to help you in many areas like:

Our tailored property management services include:

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