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What Not to Buy for Your First Shared Apartment

System - Saturday, December 13, 2014
Property Management Blog

You just got your first apartment and are full of ideas about décor and furniture for your new home. Before you go out there and spend large amounts of money on buying stuff and end up regretting it later, there are a few things you should know.

First, you’ll probably end up dumping half of the things you buy because you won’t have space. Second, you will never use most of those fancy things in your shared apartment because you’ll be spending most of your time working, studying and eating out.

So here are some things you should definitely not buy:

Fancy Glasses

Face it, you will never need those fancy wine glasses. Spending insane amounts of money on kitchenware should probably not be on your must-buy list. Why spend $50 on something you “might” need when those $5-a-set glasses would do just as well?

Expensive Towels

Whether they are dish towels or bathroom towels, you really don’t need the custom designed monogrammed kind. Experience says that people living in shared apartments are most prone to have disagreements over small things like who should wash the kitchen towels. You do know they need to be washed every now and then, don’t you?

The best things to do are either just use paper towels or go for the easy to wash and clean kind that is highly practical though not so pretty sometimes.

Designer Curtains, Sheets and Other Stuff to Soothe Your Ego

The nice summer breeze blowing through your sheer curtains as you sit and relax with some nice music and feel the sun on your face sounds very sweet. It probably is something you’ve always wanted to enjoy once you have your own apartment.

However, those nice breezy curtains, which will likely cost you a pretty penny, are also rather unpractical. For one thing, your neighbors can see through them right to your bathroom if it happens to be facing your window.

Those designer bed sheets? No, you don’t need them either. Since you have a shared apartment, there will be countless times your friends will crash in your room (on your bed) and then who cleans all that spilled beer from the designer sheets? Not to mention the heartache of seeing large unwashable stains that mean using your $100 sheet as rags to clean your car.

Secondly, you’ll end up replacing them all after a month because your friends have started commenting on how the design is “so last year”.

Go for the practical, opaque curtains that will nicely match the colors in your bedroom or living room. And buy sheets that are easy to wash, have nice solid colors to match the rest of your room and do not wrinkle easily.

These things never go out of fashion and only need to be washed or dry-cleaned instead of replaced.

A Futon

No. A big definite no to futons. Don’t think you can save money on buying a bed and a couch by just investing in a futon. The amount of money you’ll end up spending on dealing with back pain issues far outweighs the cost of a proper bed. So get one.

Expensive Equipment and Furniture

A shared apartment means all your stuff is accessible by the person sharing with you. Since you will probably be sharing with a friend or will end up becoming friends anyway, you will probably not be able to stop them from having a drunken orgy on your $500 rug or your expensive coffee table or well, whatever takes their fancy. It’s better to keep such things for when you have your own solo apartment.

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