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What Are the Responsibilities of a Condo Property Manager?

System - Sunday, January 31, 2016
Property Management Blog

The role of a condo property manager in condo management is essential in ensuring the satisfaction of your residents. Before you take on an individual or an organization to manage your condominium, it is imperative that you are aware of the responsibilities that property managers takes on. Doing so will ensure that there are no expectation gaps i.e. any difference between their actual roles and what you perceive their responsibilities to be.

Condo Manager as Operations Manager

First and foremost, a condo property manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of the community. He/she accomplishes this by fully and properly carrying out the policies that the condo board sets up. This could include such things as ensuring compliance with environmental standards recognized by the board. Basically, the condo property manager is not a member of the condo board but they still conduct themselves in a fashion prescribed by the board.

Condo Manager as a Communication Channel

In addition, the condo property manager acts as a communication channel between the community and the condo board. All the queries and feedback are communicated by the property manager to the condo board. However, this does not mean that the property managers enjoy unfettered powers. They merely sit between the condo board and the community, so nothing goes without the board properly approving it first.

Condo Manager is a Conflict Settlor

The responsibilities of a condo property manager include the duty to settle conflicts. These are individuals who are especially trained to deal with conflicts that pertain to community rules. Thus, if you find yourself in a situation where community rules may be breached, a condo property manager is the person to go to. Though, it is not advisable to turn to them in case you have reservations regarding any condo policies as condo property managers have no say in the process of policy setting (they do advise the board).

Condo Manager as a Performance Supervisor

As condo property managers, these individuals bear the responsibility of regularly inspecting property. They must monitor the performance of site workers during the process of a condo being built or even when undergoing repairs and maintenance. Direct supervision is not a must in case contractors have been hired for the job. This is because the work of the contractors is already supervised by appointed individuals. In case there is still any concern, it can be reported to the property manager which is later relayed to the condo board.

Condo Manager is Also a Finance Manager

Last but not least, condo property managers are also the managers of financial matters of the condo board. They manage such things as drafting the operational budget, preparing financial statements for each month, preparing tax returns and collecting dues related to condos. If there are any concerns or queries regarding the payment of condo fee, the function of condo property managers obliges them to address these as soon possible.

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