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Ways to Effectively Resolve Tenant Problems

System - Friday, June 21, 2019
Property Management Blog

As a landlord, you should be prepared to deal with a wide variety of complaints from tenants. Regardless of how nice you think your tenants are, they are likely to face issues as time wears on. It is extremely important to address these complaints on an urgent basis or your tenants might feel their problems do not matter. Here are some ways to effectively resolve tenant problems.

Acknowledging tenant problems

First and foremost, you must impress upon your tenants that their problems matter to you. They need to know that you would lend an ear each time they face any issues. Even if you cannot immediately address a tenant’s issue due to other commitments, you must let them know their complaint has been acknowledged. Ideally, you should also notify them how soon you could deal with their complaints.

Document every complaint

You must keep records of your communication with the tenant and log every complaint. Not only does this help you keep track of every problem that remains unaddressed, but it also avoids any confusion between the two parties. Well-maintained records with a clear mention of dates can also help you prioritize various tenant problems.

Resolve the issues

Of course, it is not enough to tell tenants that their complaints have been noted. You should go about systematically resolving the matter when it is time. As you do this, record these fixes on camera and document everything. Keep a record of these fixes along with all the paperwork you maintain for the job. Make sure you ask tenants for feedback, so you know if they are satisfied with the job.

Feedback from tenants

Your job as a landlord does not finish with resolving the issue and documenting the fixes. You must reach out to the tenants a week after the job is done and ask them if they have encountered any further issues. This is further reassurance that you care about how tenants feel and value their feedback. Exploring different ways to effectively resolve tenant problems is sure to pay great dividends in the long run, earning you the tenants’ trust and respect.

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