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Tips for Tenants: Getting Your Security Deposit Back

System - Monday, December 24, 2018
Property Management Blog

As a tenant, you are expected to pay a security deposit to the landlord at the beginning of a new lease to make sure they can cover the costs in case the lease is broken or there is considerable damage to the property. Ideally, you would want to reclaim as much of the security deposit as possible before you vacate the property. Here are some tips for getting your security deposit back.

Clean regularly

Cleaning habits are sure to benefit you in the long run. This could range from vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the oven to scrubbing floor and removing scum from tiles. It is also wise to use a dolly when moving larger items around the house. This would prevent dents and scratches that are inevitable when moving couches, dressers and tables.

Report damages

As a resident, you can only do so much to ensure the well-being of the house you live in. It is important not to withhold information if any mistakes happen. Instead, you should immediately report any such incidents to the landlord so that corrective measures can be taken as soon as practicable.

Document everything before and after

It is best to document everything before you move in the property. Be sure to take pictures and/or videos of the house so that you are able to compare the condition before it is time to move out. As a rule of thumb, try to not make any drastic changes to the house. However, if you feel the need to do so, be sure to check with the landlord first.

Paying the dues

Last not but not the least, your rent and utilities need to be paid on time. Any balance that remains is charged on the security deposit and you automatically lose the amount owed to you at the end of the lease. Moreover, not fulfilling the lease can have a similar effect, resulting in the loss of your security deposit and payment of rent until the property is re-rented.

Make sure you know what your responsibilities are when vacating an apartment or rental home so you do not lose your security deposit at the end of your lease term. 

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