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Tips for Landlords: What to Upgrade in a Rental Property

System - Monday, April 29, 2019
Property Management Blog

Landlords often have to deal with the question of whether or not they should replace or upgrade certain items in their property. After having spent a considerable amount of money purchasing the property, property owners think twice before they spend any more on repairs and maintenance before letting out the property. To make sure you do make the necessary upgrades, here are some necessary items you should upgrade in your rental properties.

Door locks

It does not matter if the door locks are functional, you must make it a point to change them before letting out the property. A whole host of people could have the keys to the old lock, so you would rather not take any chances. In case you have various properties to let out, you can keep switching the old locks from one property to another as you are the one true owner of your properties.

Safety items

When you use safety items such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, they have to be replaced every few years. Conversely, battery operated alarms would require batteries to be replaced more frequently. As a rule of thumb, do not put off the replacement till tenants take the task upon themselves. Consider this a good way of inspecting the condition of your property while also ensuring safety of your tenants and the property at the same time.

Light bulbs

Using long lasting energy saving light bulbs can save you the time and money you would otherwise be spending responding to calls for replacing old bulbs. Changing all the bulbs at one time means that it would be a while before you have to replace them again. Make sure you invest in LED light bulbs to save yourself the trouble.

Make sure you upgrade these items in your rental properties frequently and your tenants are sure to appreciate your efforts. At BBA Management, we offer full-service property management in Greater Boston cities like Brookline, Newton, Fenway, Kenmore and Cambridge. You can also contact us or call us at 617-734-6900 or send us an email at

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