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Three Reasons Why a Landlord Could Enter Your Boston Rental

System - Monday, November 26, 2018
Property Management Blog

As a tenant, you would prefer the same privacy in your Boston rental as you would if you owned the house. Knowing that a landlord or property manager could access the premises due to certain reasons, you still want to make sure they would not come and sift through your property. A situation such as that can be quite upsetting. In order to avoid a difficult situation with the tenant, you must educate yourself about reasons why a landlord could enter your Boston rental.


A landlord is not permitted to enter a rental in every situation they deem urgent. However, there are a few situations that are considered to be emergencies. A landlord could enter the premises to address any serious damage or danger, but that does not come about without the tenant’s permission in case of a light bulb being burned out or a leaky faucet. In case of a large water or gas leak or other more serious hazards, the landlord has the right to enter without permission.


If a landlord does not hear from a tenant in a long while and notices their mail piling up, they may suspect abandonment and enter the premises. The tenant could have chosen to go on a long vacation with the intention to return, but if they do not notify the landlord beforehand, it is genuine cause of concern for landlords. It is wise to notify the landlord at least a week in advance such that they do not suspect abandonment and prevent any potential break-ins.

Repairs and maintenance

Tenant’s permission is required if landlords wish to bring a hired repairman for maintenance work. Ideally, they must give tenants at least a 24-hours notice. Landlords bear the responsibility of maintaining a safe living environment for tenants, which includes inspections and maintenance. If proper notice is given, tenants must let landlords in to address the issues.

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