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Things to Avoid When Talking to Potential Tenants

System - Monday, May 27, 2019
Property Management Blog

Looking for good quality tenants can be quite a challenge. It is important to be careful about how you interact with prospective tenants if you wish to successfully close the deal. Landlords with little to no prior experience tend to say or do things that might not reflect well on their reputation as professionals. With that said, here are things to avoid when talking to your potential tenants.

You cannot afford to be lazy

When you are looking to advertise your property to prospective tenants, you cannot afford to do this hastily. You might think that you may not have time to not arrange for a cleaning service before you invite prospective tenants for a visit. This could potentially lead you to believe you are short of time for having plumbing repairs done. Resorting to such reasons as the previous tenants refused to clean up would only leave a worse impression.

Make no unsubstantiated comparisons

It is true that you should cast your property in the best light possible. However, that does not mean that you make false statements and draw comparisons that are not accurate. Unless your property mimics similar features and area another up for rent in your neighborhood, there is no point comparing the two. Also, you need not say if a prospective tenant is the first or the 20th person to view the property. If they are the first, they could get the impression no one else is interested and the latter could begin to wonder if they are unable to spot a flaw that others may have.

Do not be vague with descriptions

Try to not be vague when describing various features of the house. Again, you would try your utmost to cast the property in the best light, but this should not come at the cost of clarity. For instance, it might be helpful for tenants if you say when exactly you made an upgrade to the heating system rather than simply saying “new” when describing it. Clarity always takes precedence over general statements wen you are looking to advertise features of your rental property.

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