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Property Management Boston - Tech upgrades to Attract Good Quality Tenants

System - Monday, October 15, 2018
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Landlords do not appreciate short-term residents leaving vacancies, forcing them to scramble to locate new tenants. Encouraging long-term commitment from good quality tenants is challenging. In the modern day, landlords have come to appreciate renovating and upgrading their rental properties as a means of attracting more good quality tenants. These technology upgrades should help you improve your rentals’ efficiency.

Smart bulbs

Lighting accounts for roughly 10% of all your energy consumption, which is why one of the reasons why it requires special attention. Smart bulbs offer a number of advantages in this regard: they are energy efficient, rarely require replacing and are able to shine in 16 million colors. In terms of savings, smart bulbs are said to reduce energy costs by up to 90%.

Smart thermostat

Tenants can remotely manage smart thermostats using their Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices, which learn the tenants’ daily routines to create more efficient heating and cooling patterns. That inevitably results in saving energy, money and time. Eco-conscious tenants are sure to appreciate a tech feature such as this.

Motion-sensing lights

Another way to save energy and money is to have automatic lights. These can be considered a matter of convenience all the same as you simply need to have motion-sensing lights installed without requiring tenants to flip switches on and off. This is also a good way to ensure security of your home, as any trespassers would think twice about snooping around your place.

Smart locks

Smart locks add another layer of security to your Boston home. They require Bluetooth technology to lock and unlock them. You may unlock the door remotely or offer an e-key to maintenance workers, cleaning staff and guests such that they have easy access to the property, whenever needed. A conventional key can also be used to unlock the door, if required.

These tech upgrades to attract good quality tenants should hopefully serve you well as you look to rent out your Boston home.

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