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How to Rent Out Your House Faster

System - Monday, March 25, 2019
Property Management Blog

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to have a property that you can let out. Renting out a property offers numerous advantages. Most notably, it offers landlords a better chance to pay off their mortgage while the property value continues to appreciate over time. However, renting out a property requires time and patience. Here are some tips for how to rent your house faster.

Carefully screening tenants

It is extremely important to choose your tenants carefully. It is not wise to agree to grant occupation to anyone who does not offer sufficient details that you require. You need to prepare such questions as why they vacated the last property they occupied, who the last landlord was and what their credit history is like. Try to reach out to the previous landlord to learn about any disputes about any outstanding dues or other matters.

Hiring a seasoned professional

Make no mistake, renting out property is not everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, looking for tenants and regular rent collection can start to feel quite stressful. Rather than feeling burned out, you should hire a property manager who can cater all formalities involved in the process. These professionals are able to use their knowledge, skills and experience to market the property, locate and screen tenants, and collect rent on a regular basis.

Understand risks and responsibilities

You need to appreciate the fact that there are certain risks involved in renting out your house just as there are various financial benefits. Familiarize yourself with the state laws and regulations on renting out properties such that you are fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Speak to people who have experience dealing with tenants as they can educate you on such things as rent collection, response to client queries and addressing repairs and maintenance issues.

Follow these tips and increase the likelihood of renting your house faster. At BBA Management, we offer full-service property management in Greater Boston cities like Brookline, Newton, Fenway, Kenmore and Cambridge. You can also contact us or call us at 617-734-6900 or send us an email at

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