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Helping Tenants Settle into Their New Rental

System - Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Property Management Blog

As a landlord, you should always be ready to go the extra mile when it is a matter of welcoming your tenants. A tenant welcome package is a smart way of putting your best foot forward and creating a lasting impression from the very beginning. After all, tenants are just like any other customers utilizing a service who appreciate personalized services. Here are some ways of helping tenants settle in their new rental.

Offering an information pack

You need to make sure tenants know whom to contact in case of emergency. You could have the numbers printed on a magnet so that tenants can stick it on the fridge. If the building offers parking, tenants need to know which space they can use. Clearly communicate details on guest parking as well. In addition, provide them with a list of utility companies with their websites and contact numbers.

Throwing in some extra amenities

A supply of toilet paper and soap is a good way to welcome new tenants considering how tenants hardly have these handy when they have just moved in. Similarly, you could offer them a basket full of cleaning supplies. This could include dish detergent, paper towels, sponges and wipes. Tenants would wish to shower after a long and tiring day of unpacking, so this would be a nice gesture.

Giving them gift cards

If done right, landlords have the opportunity to offer tenants a premium experience to quickly familiarize themselves with the neighborhood. These could be gift cards to a nearby restaurant. Helping tenants find dinner can take the pressure off just after the ordeal of moving and unpacking. It could even be a git card for a spa treatment, which can be a relaxing experience and help tenants settle in a lot better.

Small things that show that you are not only a landlord but a good human being can help retain tenants in the long term, so try these tips for helping tenants settle in their new rental.

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